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IC Research is a dedicated clinical research site company in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (conveniently located 40 minutes south of Nashville) that conducts Phase II-IV clinical research studies in a variety of therapeutic areas.

Featured Study

Currently accepting applications from male and female participants between the ages of 12 to 40 who were recently diagnosed with acne. This 12-week study requires participants to apply a topical gel once daily.

Knowledge Corner

Atopic Dermatitis, which is a severe form of Eczema, is a chronic and relapsing disease believed to be related to an over-reactive immune system.  It ...Read More
Psoriasis is a chronic and relapsing disease that affects roughly 7.5 million Americans.  It is characterized by red patches of raised and scaly skin covered ...Read More
Endometriosis is a common painful condition that affects women.  The tissue that lines the inner cavity of the woman’s uterus (womb) is called endometrium.  Endometriosis ...Read More

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Tell us about yourself and the studies that interest you. We will follow up regarding current and future studies that may be the right fit.

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