Acne? Oh no!

African American with acne on face

“Oh no! Not another one! I thought I got rid of them for good this time!”

How many times have you caught yourself saying this in the mirror? Just when you thought you got rid of those pesky pimples, they pop up at the most inconvenient time. Just before an interview or the morning of prom, they always seem to know when to ruin a big day. What even are they and why do they seem to know my schedule?

Scientifically, acne is the result of oil, dirt, and debris being trapped in a pore on your skin. A pimple is the result of your body expelling this debris in a rather inconvenient way. Additionally, they are also a result of hormones, which is why they are typically seen through the teenage and young adult years.

Several other factors contribute to acne showing up to the party uninvited. Factors such as stress, diet, and physical activity can cause flare ups of acne. Hence the little red sidekick showing up for the interview that you have been stressing out about. Or the sudden appearance of pimples that show up after eating pizza, chocolate, or drinking soda.


Acne medications continue to be a cost that many cannot afford. Additionally, you may have tried a treatment that has worked before, but for some reason it is not working now. Other meds may have harsh side effects that you are not willing to put up with to exterminate the hoard of invaders on your face or body. Clinical trials offer the benefit of potentially having the chance to try a medicine without having to pay for it. This allows you to see if the med works for you. If not, it could be because of a placebo (a topic for another blog) or because your body does not respond to that medicine. However, if it does work, you just received free medicine that you know works and you can discuss options for continued treatment with your physician after the study. Not to mention the payment you receive for participation could potentially help with buying a med that works.

Overall, acne is not a fun thing to go through, but clinical trials are able to offer an opportunity to escape the nuisance, and study related care and supplies are a great bonus.

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