Why Participate in a Clinical Study?

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If you’ve ever taken any medication, you’ve benefited from a clinical trial. You might be asking yourself, why participate in a clinical study? Clinical Studies are necessary for medical advances. They look at new ways to prevent, detect and treat various ailments and are a great opportunity for volunteer participants to receive medical treatment at no cost. Trial participants also have the opportunity to receive compensation for time and travel when participating in a clinical trial.

People participate in research studies for many different reasons and are vital to the advancement of medicine and moving science forward. Be a part of something special as a clinical trial volunteer participant and have access to the following benefits:

  • Access to treatments before they become widely available
  • No cost study related exams and diagnostic tests with a physician
  • Gain a better understanding of your medical condition
  • Contribute to the discovery and advancement of new treatments
  • Receive compensation for your time and travel
  • No insurance is needed
  • No cost to you


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  • Study related medical care at no cost & access to potential new treatments
  • No health insurance is needed! No cost to you! 
  • Compensation for time and travel provided after each visit via reloadable debit card.
  • Contribute to treatment advances in medical research
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